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Executive Team

Below are our hardworking executive members! Learn more about each of us and our roles within the HCMP.

Inga Olu-Jordan

Program Director

The Program Director acts as the main liaison between the HCMP and the schools, as well as all other external contacts. They are responsible for the daily logistics and operations of the program including chairing meetings and taking responsibility for or allocating non-role specific tasks.

Financial Director

The Financial Director is responsible for all the finances, more specifically: proposing an operative budget, maintaining records of expenditures and profits throughout the year, managing money from fundraisers, creating grant proposals, obtaining sponsors for events, and reimbursing purchases.

Roy Li

Saturday Program Director

The Saturday Program Coordinator is responsible for overseeing a new segment of the HCMP Edmonton program. Every Saturday over 40 students enjoy HCMP lessons at the Norwood Child and Family Resource Centre. The coordinator is the main contact between the Centre, students and our volunteers managing scheduling and ensuring both students and volunteers maximize the experience.

Rachel Ellis

Vice Program Director

The Vice Program Director assists in managing the club's operations and planning alongside the Program Director. The Vice Program Director acts as a leader for the club with the Program Director, and acts as the Program Director when they are absent.

Sonika Khurana

Creative Director

The Creative Director is responsible for internal and external communications of the HCMP. Duties include taking meeting minutes, designing documents (brochures, newsletters, recital program etc.), taking photos, and keeping the website and Facebook page up-to-date.

Suyenna Huang

Events Director

The Events Director plans and manages the events put on by the Heart of the City including fundraisers, celebrations and the year-end recital. Other duties of the events director include booking locations, coordinating help from other executive members to plan our Heart and Soul concert and special lessons.


Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is in charge of correspondence with volunteers and is the main point of contact for volunteers. This involves managing volunteer schedules, checking in regularly with volunteers, offering teaching advice, and resolving any conflicts that may arise.

Jared Sieusahai

Community Outreach Director

The Performance Troupe Director & Community Outreach Director organizes and manages the HCMP Performance Troupe as well as promotes the HCMP to external bodies including individuals, businesses, community organizations and the community at-large. This is often done in combination with seeking out sponsorship and other donations as well as support and non-monetary contributions.

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