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Frequently Asked Questions

I am in high school, but, I really want to volunteer. Can I?

Yes! Although the majority of our volunteers are students at the University of Alberta, we do have a couple of high school volunteers each year. The only problem is scheduling, since high school students are often dismissed at the same time as elementary students. This especially becomes an issue when factoring in transit time from your school to theirs. Therefore, when considering whether or not this is the right position for you, remember to take into account time. If you think you can fit it in, then we'd love to have you! A great option to avoid your volunteering clashing with your school hours is being a part of our Saturday Program! Or, if you have Gr 10 RCM in piano or above, you can volunteer for our Performance Troupe.

If I studied piano in another country and do not have RCM Gr 6 Certification or above, can I still teach?

RCM Gr 6 or above is just a guideline that we recommend. As long as you demonstrate adequate piano skills, commitment, and enthusiasm, you are eligible to apply as a volunteer. If you are not sure where or not your piano background is "adequate", send us an email explaining your situation.


I have previously volunteered for the HCMP, do I still need to submit a new Police Check?

Most of the time, no. Police checks are valid for 3 years, so if the last time you volunteered was within 3 years ago, you do not have to. If it was more than 3 years ago, then yes.


What forms of identification are acceptable for the Police Check?

The following forms of ID are accepted: Drivers License, Birth Certificate, Passport, Immigration papers, Citizenship card, Indian Status card, Permanent Residence card, Possession and Acquisition License, Canadian Forces Identification card, or Alberta Health Care card. Two pieces of ID are required, and one must be photo-identification.
We will NOT accept: Social Insurance card, Interim Drivers License, student ID, credit cards, City of Edmonton License card, Blue Cross card, or Hospital card.

I submitted my registration form already, but, realized I made a mistake or my availability changed - What Now?

Either send us an email with the correction, or fill out the form again - we will only look at your most recent response.

Can I get a reference letter for a job or scholarship from the HCMP?

Yes, we would be glad to provide you with a reference letter as a reward for all your hard work! Please email us to request one, and include any relevant information on the job/scholarship that may help us in writing you the best reference letter we can.


When are books from the Music Resource Library due?

There is no real deadline and you may borrow the book for as long as you like, but we will start pestering you with emails at the end of the school year and again if you stop volunteering for the HCMP and still have the book. If it's a really popular book, like a Disney book, we would really appreciate if you photocopy the pages you need (or we can do this for you) and return the book ASAP so other teachers and students can use it too.

Can't find the answer to your question? Then please email us with your inquiry!

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